By paying a deposit to MASE Agency Pty Ltd you are agreeing to the below conditions during your term of hire.

Credit Card details will be required 3 days prior to hire for pre authorisation unless a 6% damage waiver is paid.

1) The driver will unload your order to a single, convenient ground level location, they are happy to place items as they unload if applicable, long, double story or challenging access will be charged accordingly. 

2) Client is responsible for the keeping the equipment safe. All chairs/tables and any other material that can be damaged from exposure to weather conditions must be kept inside or covered to avoid damage. Replacement fee’s will be applied for broken or damaged equipment.
3) Please check all equipment prior to start of event. If any equipment is missing or deemed unsafe, notify us immediately. No claims can be made after commencement of affair.

4) MASE Agency Pty Ltd assumes no liability whatsoever for use of any equipment. Equipment is rented in an "AS IS CONDITION".

5) On pickup, equipment must be broken down, stacked neatly and returned to location of delivery. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.

6) The Hirer agrees and acknowledges that it has received adequate instructions from the Owner regarding the correct and safe use of the Equipment, which may include physical demonstration, verbal or written instructions.

7) In the event that the Equipment breaks down or becomes unsafe to use during the Term, the Hirer must:

     (a) immediately stop using the equipment and notify the owner in writing;
     (b) take all steps necessary to prevent injury or death occurring to persons or property as a result of the condition of the Equipment;
     (c) take all steps necessary to prevent any further damage to the Equipment itself; and
     (d) not repair or attempt to repair the Equipment without the prior written consent of the Owner.

8) The Owner reserves the right at any time to substitute any portion of the equipment ordered by the hirer with equipment of similar or like description or performance.

9) It is the Hirer’s responsibility to obtain any and all proper and appropriate insurances (such as public and property liability insurance and insurance coverage for the full replacement value of the Equipment) in respect of and in connection with the hire of the Equipment.

10) All china, glassware, and flatware must be washed and polished before return. Cleaning can be pre arranged at the following prices;

      20 cents per cutlery piece

      30 cents per glass

      50 cents per crockery item

11) A Non- Refundable Deposit is required at time of booking. Final payment in full is due 30 days prior to event. Due dates provided on invoice.

12) Cancellations made within 30 days of the event date will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

13) The Hirer agrees and acknowledges that it must pay for all damage to or loss of the Equipment however caused during that period.

14) Payment of the Damage Waiver Fee by the Hirer is optional. Subject the below, if paid by the Hirer, the Damage Waiver Fee covers all costs associated with normal wear and tear and damage to the Equipment hired, however the Damage Waiver Fee does not relieve the Hirer of its liabilities to pay for lost Equipment or damaged Equipment if such damage is a result of:

     (a) overloading, exceeding rated capacity, misuse, abuse or improper servicing of the Equipment;
     (b) cigarette burns, marks or stains on any furniture or décor items;
     (c) red wine or any other significant (as determined by the Owner in its absolute discretion) stains on any furniture or décor items;
     (d) candle wax on linen or other material products; the weather (including without limitation sun, heat, cold, rain, hail, wind or storm); or
     (e) Equipment which is sub-hired or sub-leased with the consent of the Owner.

14) Payment of the Damage Waiver Fee by the Hirer will only cover damaged glassware and/or crockery up to the amount of the Damage Waiver Fee. The Hirer will be responsible for and liable to pay the Owner the Replacement Fee for all damaged glassware and/or crockery that exceeds the amount of the Damage Waiver Fee. Please advise MASE if you wish to take out the damage waiver fee (6%)

15) Credit Card details will be kept on file and will be charged with any damages or replacements, a 2.2% Surcharge will be applicable to all Visa, Mastercard.  American Express is to accepted .

16) Do not put wet or damp linens into plastic bags. Customers are responsible for damages (tears, burn holes, stains, mildew, candlewax, etc). Damaged linen will be returned and the client will be charged an appropriate replacement cost. There is no refund on unused linens.

17) Candles holders must be cleaned and free of candle wax prior to return in order to avoid additional charges, please contact you MASE account manager for suggestions on tips on how to reduce wax run off and best candles to purchase. 

Emergency Contact: 0402524881 (we suggest sending a text if there is no answer on the first ring)